Writing has always been an interest of mine, as cliche as that is to say. When I was a child I used to love writing short stories, not satisfied with just exploring the worlds created by authors, I wanted to set out and create my own. Over the years, my love of writing has evolved into writing non-fiction pieces, but it's still there all the same.

I strongly believe that a good piece of writing - whether that be fiction or non-fiction - can have great benefits for people. Stories and articles I have read have impacted me in many ways. I love the idea that perhaps someone can benefit and be inspired through my work.

By visiting my site you can connect with me and my life experiences, be that a recent holiday, or life event that has had a large impact on me whilst at the same time also being able to catch up on the latest article I have had published or other work I have done.

I can write about a lot of topics, but you'll mainly find me writing about Mental Health issues, relationships and lifestyle.

I also frequently use Twitter  where you'll find a mixture of cute animals, political ramblings, social awareness posts, and funny memes.