About Me

Writing about myself has always been incredibly difficult for me. I always felt I should tone down what I felt were my achievements and passions. I did not want to come across as arrogant, because that is not me in the slightest.

My name is Emma Campbell, and I live in a tiny small town in Scotland. The contrast between my area with it's boarded up shops, businesses that don't stay in business for very long and the lack of things to do with the sprawling lively cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh is painful. I have always loved to travel, and perhaps some of that love of travelling comes from wanting to escape that dull little town.

All my hobbies revolve around escapism, but then I suppose that is true of most people's hobbies. I loved playing video games, truly seeing them as a way to escape my boring and miserable life. I loved watching social and cultural documentaries, always wanting to find out more about the world around me (and still do).

Ever since I can remember I have always read books, often hiding awake using a torch to read past my bedtime. Not content with just escaping into other author's worlds though, I began to write my own short stories. Over the  years my love of writing evolved, and now I mainly write articles. I still have that strong passion for writing though, and always seek to find new inspiration and knowledge.

When I'm not writing, I'm most likely to be spending my time tweeting. Either that or I'll be spending hours trying to find something to watch on Netflix, before giving up and watching animal montages on Youtube instead.

Photo of Emma Campbell

Emma Campbell