The Top 5 Online Resources for Relaxation

For me personally, these past few weeks have definitely been extremely stressful. Admittedly, I have always been a bit close-minded of meditation and resources to relax. With this in mind, I set out to try a variety of online resources created specifically to help you relax and de-stress. Here are the top five online resources that I found, and best of all, they’re all free! There are no affiliate links throughout this post!

The Quiet Place Project

This is actually a small collection of different relaxation methods. My personal favourite is the Thoughts room, where you can type your worries whilst soothing music plays, and listen to gentle quiet fireworks explode your worries away. The music is amazing, sometimes I just like to leave that tab open in the background while I am working. It really helps a lot!

The Top Five Online Resources to Relax by CampbellxEmma

Relax Online

Again, like The Quiet Place Project, this is actually multiple resources in one. I mainly go on to use the Stress Analyst, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Allows you to analyse your stressful situations, and provides help on how to cope. I typically use this site first, and then go on to using The Quiet Project resources, as I feel this helps me to identify and understand my problem better. It also offers some great de-stressing tips!

The Top Five Online Resources to Relax by CampbellxEmma

Ferry Halim – Orisinal

With 60+ different games, that are a perfect distraction for a few minutes or so, this is a really great and fun resource. Each of the games are really great and really imaginative. They always feel fresh and innovative, and there is also an online store where you can get some app games, for that portable Orisinal experience! There are also a cute flower arrangement maker – arrange flowers and send them virtually to a friend.  As well as soothing rain sounds and more!

The Top Five Online Resources to Relax by CampbellxEmma

7 Cups

*Note: there is a limited free version and a paid version of this site* Vent anonymously for free, or lend a helping hand to those who are struggling. I often find that helping others, helps me. There is also an online therapy section, where you can start for free, and then start paying for online counselling. Mindfulness exercises, self-help guides, support forums, group support chat and more all await you. There are so many ways to get help from this site.

The Top Five Online Resources to Relax by CampbellxEmma


Noanxiety  (English) / (Italian)

This site isn’t just full of relaxation games, personality quizzes, relaxing music, images, and videos. It is also home to a forum, as well as an exceptional amount of information on anxiety. The better you understand anxiety, the better you can manage it. They also have a free e-book that shares the journey of 65 of their forum users, and you can access the founder’s dissertation. Ten different games to play, plus relaxation techniques. Definitely check it out!

The Top Five Online Resources to Relax by CampbellxEmma

There you have it, five different online relaxation resources for helping you to cope with all those stressful situations that life throws at you. I recommend you bookmarking this page so you can refer back to it in future. Let me know how you get on with using these resources!

Also, what one from the list did you love the most? Felt we should have listed something else? Let us know what your top five relaxation resources are in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!